Learning Environment

Our school promotes a positive learning environment for students by implementing a variety of student recognition and reward programs. Exemplary behavior is recognized with "caught ya being good" tickets which can be redeemed for small prizes. Healthy eating and exercise are recognized by "caught ya being healthy" tickets. Students exhibiting positive character traits such as trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, citizenship are recognized with "caught ya having character." Every classroom has character development curricula to teach students about character traits throughout the year.

In order to develop student leadership skills, our school psychologist trains students to be conflict managers encouraging them to resolve any conflicts that may arise on the playground. Our counselor provides opportunities for students to learn good work habits, develop problem-solving skills, resolve conflicts, and enhance self-esteem as needed.

Classroom teachers have also been trained in positive behavioral interventions and supports and use consistent rules, rewards and consequences in every classroom.

Positive student attendance is rewarded with individual student "perfect attendance" tickets and by classroom activities to improve class wide perfect attendance. School staff has determined practices and procedures for student behavior when students are in common areas of the school such as the lunch arbor and the playground.

Whole school student recognition assemblies occur five times annually and include recognition of attendance, academic achievement, behavioral improvement and good character.

Class Size

To ensure each student receives an appropriate level of individual attention and support, class sizes are kept as small as possible. In grades K-3, each class has a maximum of 24 students. This is possible in part through funding provided by California's K-3 Class Size Reduction program which began in 1996. Over the past two years reduced class size has been supplemented through ARRA funding using federal stimulus monies.


The mixture of cultures and languages of our students results in diverse classrooms and additional opportunities for learning, teamwork and appreciation of one another.

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